How to clean Cricut Mat-2 Powerful Tips

The Cricut mat — comes with an adhesive mat and it gets dirty really fast. The mat picks up bits of paper, dust and lint and you really need to clean it if you want to continue using it for cricut printing to satisfy your creativity. It’s not that hard to clean the mat, but you do need to clean it every once in a while. If you’re like me and don’t want to spend a lot of time cleaning the cricut cutting mat, then you should check out this article. The article will guide you on how to clean the Cricut cutting Mat so that it’s sticky again!

You just bought a Cricut Press and want to know how to clean your Cricut Mat and make it adhesive again for your sublimation printer for cricut press. This product review will help you find a great product to clean your Cricut Mat and make it adhesive again.

Did you clean your Cricut Printer recently, Since you bought it? 

If you think you’ve been really lazy and your Cricut has been collecting all dust and grime and didn;t know how to clean Cricut cutting mat, here are the tips in this article that will help you out a lot. 

Your cutting mat is in pretty bad shape. It’s got deep cuts and scratches all over it, and it’s not holding its stickiness any more. You are so worried you’d have to buy a new mat, but you are looking for a blog post that has two ways you can use to clean and re-adhere your cutting mat. You have come to the right place to find solution for your Cricut & how to clean cricut cutting mat & make it adhesive working like new again.

Cricuit Mat
Cricut Printing

 According to the Cricut manufacturer, there are two things to extend the life of Cricut cutting mat. 

You can use the Cricut cutting mat to mark your cuts, but only if it’s in perfect condition. If it’s not, it might not cut at all, or you’ll have to do your work twice. Either way, your projects are going to take longer. So make sure you protect your mat with a mat liner, and always make sure your mat is clean so the adhesive doesn’t lose its stickiness.

Your cutting mat may eventually lose its stickiness if you ignore cleaning the cricut cutting mat. If you maintain your Cricut machine and clean it regularly, it will save you both time and money. 

Cricut Mat-Replace the Cover After Every Use 

It is ideal to replace the cover after every use. Changing the cover as soon as you use it, will protect the Cricut machine from dust, dog hair, grim  and other items sticking to it. 

Cut Smarter, Clean Your Cricut Mat Often 

We recommend cleaning a Cricut cutting mat after two to four uses, depending on what material you’re cutting. Clearing gunk from your mat is not difficult, but if you want to make sure it lasts for as long as possible, then follow the steps below.

Use tweezers to  remove large items with the tweezers while pressing the roller firmly against an adjacent clean area of the mat. Do not scrap the mat as it will push the dust and debris deep into the adhesive. Place the cricut cutting mat in the lukewarm water with a prefilled sink, scrub gently to clean the surface of the mat.  Dry the Cricut cutting mat with a paper towel. Wait for the next 24 hours before again using the cutting machine. Replace the cover while using the cutting machine again. 

Replace Cricut Mat if it loses its Stickiness  

Your Cricut mat can be a little secretive. One year with me, you’ll be excited to cut anything and then quickly depressed when your scissors slip as if you were cutting through a block of butter. What happened? It may sound eccentric, but it happens to the best users: The surface gets gummed up with oils from your hands and items being cut (intentionally or otherwise) so that only tiny bits are in contact with it at once.

how to clean cricut mat
Cricut Mat

How can you clean your Cricut mats with Dawn?

Dawn brand has been used for years as a great cleaner for dishes, plastic items, and even clothing. Dawn contains soap, which is very helpful in removing cricut mat ink that gets onto the plastic when cutting. You can easily pick up your mat, soak it in Dawn and let it sit for a little while. The ink will come right off the mat, and the mat will be clean, sanitary, and usable again. Dawn also smells great, so it is a very pleasing cleaning product to use.

Can you clean Your Cricut mat with Windex?

Sure, you can clean Cricut mat with Windex. Some people clean the mat with Windex, and some don’t. However, I used Windex on my Cricut cutting mat, and it cleaned it fine. However, the fumes from Windex are toxic and can ruin your mat. So, what can you use to clean a Cricut cutting mat? You can use disinfectant wipes like Lysol. Make sure to wipe the Cricut cutting mat and get it dry to use it later. It may be covered, but it will still be exposed to weather damage and dew.

Can You Clean a Cricut Mat with Dish-Soap?

You clean your cricut mat with a craft blade dipped in alcohol. Next just put a small amount of alcohol onto the blade and then wipe the mat in one direction only and then wipe the blade back and forth across the mat. 

You can also clean the mat with dish soap. However, you should first dry the mat. While you are going to use the mat next time, you should allow it to dry completely. If you don’t follow this point, then the fabric of the mat will get wrinkled.

Can You  Clean Your Cricut Mat with Baby Wipes?

Yes, you can clean mat surfaces with  baby wipes. Wipe it in circular movement. Clean one square at one time. There will be less stick left once you have cleaned the mat.

Cricut Cleaning Kit

Use only the recommended Cricut cleaning kit for cricut mat. It is preferable to use the alcohol-free baby wipes and it is recommended not to use any harsh chemicals. 

It is ideal to replace the cricut cutting mat if it loses its stickiness as they are not very expensive. It’s natural that the adhesive quality will disappear over time. However, you can use spray adhesive or glue stick. Mix the glue stick with water and coat the Cricut cutting mat. You can try the spray hack however it is ideal to replace the Cricut cutting mat to maintain the durability of the Cricut machine for sublimation purposes.

To learn more about cricut cutting mat cleaning, please visit this link!

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