Sublimation Blanks 5 Best Uses-How they work

A sublimation blank is an item that is designed for sublimation printing. It is also referred to as a substrate that works with the sublimation process. The colour on the blank is fully printed and heat transferred onto the t-shirt or tumbler. However, the image on the blank is not permanent and can be transferred onto other materials by applying heat. 

A sublimation blank is often used together with a dye-sublimation printer as this is the only machine that can print the image onto the blank.

Understanding Sublimation Blanks

A sublimation blank is a paper-like substance coated with an ink-receptive surface. This substance is then heated, which causes the ink to transfer directly from the ink ribbon to the paper-like material, which results in an image being printed on the material

If you’re looking for the perfect blank for your Cricut Infusible Ink projects, then you’ve come to the right place! The Cricut Infusible Ink sheets are the perfect medium for creating unique and amazing sublimation designs. With a variety of pre-printed designs to choose from, you’ll be sure to find something that fits your needs.

Here’s a list of my favorite Cricut Infusible Ink blanks that you can use for your designs: t-shirts, mugs, hats, phone cases, canvas bags, mousepads, keychains, and more!

✅Mason Jar Tumbler

✅Sublimation Mug Blanks

✅Tumblers with handle


✅Sublimation Phone Cases Blanks



✅Mouse Pads

✅Ceramics Blanks

✅Dishwashers Blanks

Sublimation Blanks
Sublimation Blanks Iphone

Uses of Sublimation Blanks

You can use the most affordable examples of sublimation blanks and their prices on the market that offer the best value for the customers.

Variety of product choices: A wide range of products like mugs, tumblers, and T-shirts are available for sublimation. The variety of choices is perfect for any customer’s needs.

In-house manufacturing: A team of professionals can manufacture all products in-house.

Instant Turnaround Time: Now, customers can instantly have sublimation blanks. 

Satisfaction with the Products: If you’re not satisfied with the products or services, you can start your sublimation blank business from home for self-satisfaction and earn some extra bucks.

Famous Sublimation Blanks or Tumblers

The Mason Jar Mug is a standard size jar that you can fill with your favourite drink. The Mason Jar Mug can be hot or cold, and you still get to enjoy your drink!

I love mason jar tumblers for a few reasons as they are:

✅Inexpensive and easy to clean. 

✅They are air-tight and don’t leak.

✅ Finally, they are pretty durable. 

Sublimation Blanks Supplies

To sublimate a tumbler, you need the following supplies

✅A-Sub Sublimation Paper 8.5* 11 inches

✅Sublimation Printer 

✅Cricut Mug Press

✅Teflon sheets

✅Cricut Infusible ink

✅A pair of heat resistant gloves

✅A lint roller

✅Sublimation Mugs

✅Heat resistant tape

✅butcher paper for sublimation

How to Sublimate a Blank or a Tumbler for a Starter

Tumbler Sublimation Process: Let’ us see how to make sublimation blanks. The sublimation process needs special sublimation paper, sublimation ink, and specific substrates for sublimation blanks. 

how to make sublimation blanks- step by step process

1-To start the process first, print out the sublimation design on the sublimation paper and cut it to the size you want it for your sublimation mug

2- Now lint roll your tumbler with the lint roller, do it perfectly from all sides

3-Next, wrap the design sublimation paper around the tumble. Keep the print of the design inside directly facing the tumbler. 

4-Next, apply heat resistant tape on it as possible, tape the bottom of the tumbler and on top of the tumbler to heat press it perfectly.

5-Next, wrap the butcher paper around the tumbler for sublimation to protect your heat-press machine. Apply heat resistant tape over it to fix it on the tumbler. 

6-Next, wear heat resistant gloves, pre-heat your mug press machine and place the tumbler inside the pre-heated heat press machine for the tumbler.

7-If the tumbler is loose and doesn’t fit inside the heat-press, use a Teflon sheet and press the machine.

8-Press each side of the tumbler for up to 3 minutes in the heat press machine, flip the side to heat-press the other side for 3 minutes.

9-Next flip it over to heat the top and heat-press it for 3 minutes. Do three minutes on each section and rotate it until you do your last rotation. 

10-Once you have heat-press all sides, take the tumbler out and switch off the heat press machine.

11- Let it cool for just a few minutes and then unwrap the tumbler; you have the beautiful design printed on the tumbler now!

12- Next, print out a heat transfer sheet with infusible ink with your Cricut Maker

13-Cut out the sheet according to the size of the tumbler and wipe the tumbler before applying the sheet; apply a lint roller on the tumbler before applying a heat transfer sheet with infusible ink. 

14-Repeat the sublimation process as done before and let your tumbler get cool after the sublimation process is completed. 

15- Once you remove the heat resistant sheet, you have a beautiful tumbler ready.

Sublimation mugs and drinkware are a great way to personalize with custom images. These items have a special polymer coating that allows designs to be transferred with vivid colors. You can create unique gifts with pictures of your loved ones, artwork or photography, or even your brand’s logo , refer to our Best Sublimation Printers For ugs here

To learn more about sublimation blanks please check this link

Benefits of Sublimation Blanks

The process of direct printing your digital art was once limited to small quantities, expensive equipment and lengthy turnaround times. Now we can offer you the same-day turnaround time, and the cost of a digital print is not much.

Our full-colour image transfers are a cost-effective alternative to traditional screen printing and vinyl heat transfer. In addition to being budget-friendly, the process is easy to learn, making it perfect for use in-house.

Here are some of the benefits of new sublimation blanks printing:

✅Print colourful designs instantly now with a seamless sublimation process, unlike the traditional vinyl heat transfer. 

✅Print durable designs: The sublimation prints are durable compared to the traditional vinyl heat transfer process.

✅Sublimation on blanks is seamless & easy in sublimation printing compared to traditional screen printing.

✅Cost-effective: Printing on sublimation blanks is a cost-effective process versus screen printing with various colours to choose from. 

✅Instant turnaround time: Sublimation blanks’ turnaround time is quick and instant as to vinyl heat press. 

How can I make my Sublimation Blanks?

If you are looking to make your sublimation blanks, several options are available.

The most popular is to use old t-shirts, but we have also heard of people making blanks out of vintage dresses and skirts. 

The key is to make sure the material is not printed with colours, and you can do it by soaking the material in vinegar overnight and then washing it to get rid of any dyes.

The next step is to pick a heat press to transfer your design. These are also readily available online, and there are even tutorials online that can help you make your own!

Is it good to use copy paper to sublimate?

Don’t use copy paper for sublimation, for it is not the best choice for sublimation printing. However, it does work, but it is too thick, and the heat from the sublimation process will produce too much melt and deformation at the edges of the blank. It can also cause a bad print effect when using copy paper for sublimation.

If you are not sure what sublimation is, it is a process where you print a photo or design on a transfer paper and then apply it to a t-shirt, mug or anything else.

The sublimation process is not suitable for printing accurate, sharp images on copy paper when printing on sublimation blanks. When using copy paper, the sublimation ink will soak into the paper and make the paper look faded and dull.

In addition, copy paper is not thick enough to print the ink out of the paper. The main problem is to transfer the ink to a sublimation paper. Another solution is to use the sublimation transfer paper to transfer the image onto the sublimation paper or to the T-shirt before sublimation.  


Sublimation blanks are printed with the same image as the final product and can be transferred onto any blank material using heat.

The image is permanent and can be recorded on the material by applying heat. The image on the new Sublimation blank is not permanent and can be transferred onto any blank material by applying heat.

We hope you have found this blog post to be an informative read on the uses of sublimation blanks.

Thank you for reading!

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