Sublimation Pens-How To Sublimate A Pen

Are you curious about how to sublimate a pen? 

In this article. you will get step by step information on how to sublimate a pen efficently, along with the best sublimation pens tips & frequently asked questions about sublimating pens.

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Sublimation pens
Sublimation pens

How to sublimate a ballpoint pen?

The sublimation pens set includes a blue-writing ballpoint pen and a pen in a cardboard case. Please note that the engraving color of individual pieces may differ when sublimating natural materials.

Material Needed for Sublimation Pens

  • image or sublimation design that we will stamp
  • pen you want to sublimate
  • pen sublimation machine
  • sublimation paper or small shrink wrap
  • Sublimation printer
  • type of ink to be used

Type of Ink to be Used for Sublimation pens

Sublimation ink is a liquid containing various pigments or dyes that are used to color a particular surface for sublimation. such as textiles, thermoses, cups and more, to create images or texts.

Sublimation inks are used in printing machines to be applied to a variety of materials, such as textiles, thermoses, mugs, and when we perform other sublimations such as printing pens.

It is important to mention that sublimation inks should only be used in heads or printers that are compatible with sublimation inks for printing equipment. Likewise, the ideal sublimation printer ink must be used on substrates or materials that are compatible with sublimation inks in plotters.

400ML Sublimation Ink Pens

400ML Sublimation Ink for Epson is awesome for polyester or polyamide (nylon) fabrics or fabric blends containing at least 60% polyester.

400ML Sublimation ink is specially designed for Epson piezo DX6 and DX7 -TFT- Gold heads.

400ML Sublimation large format printer ink provides prints with bright colors, excellent resolution,intense blacks,and a wide color gamut for the following subtrates:

  •  Cloth
  •  mug cup
  • T-shirt
  •  pillow case
  •  Quilt
  •  cross-stitch, 
  • shoe- cap
  • ceramics box
  •  bag, decorative cloth, flag, banner 
  •  Aluminum.

400ML Sublimation Ink sublimation ink is specially designed for sublimation coated substrates, such as:

  • Pencils
  • mug
  • Promotional items.

Step by Step Process To Sublimate Pens

Here is the step by step process for how to sublimate on pens.

Step No.1Optimize you Sublimation design

1-Take your picture on the computer optimize the picture and prepare it for printing

Note: remember that when you print it you have to give it a mirror image and even more so if you have words.

Step No.2Print the design on Sublimation paper

2-place your paper to sublimate and print

Step No.3Cut the design

3-cut it out and put it in your pen

Step No.4Fix it with Thermal Tape

4-Fix it with thermal tape so it doesn’t move and the sublimation doesn’t look bad

Step No.5Use Pen Press

5-insert the pens into the machine & Adjust the temperature at  at 165° Celsius x 10 sec. You can use any heatpress machine or cricut machine or a convection oven for this purpose.

Step No.6-After the 10 seconds’ time, remove it and let it cool

Step No.7-Remove the sublimation paper and finish

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Sublimation Pen Press

Sublimation pen press comes with a manual override, LCD display & is designed to print on pens.

Sublimation Pen Press Heat Press Machine facilitates the picking and transfer of images, lets you sublimate up to 10  Pcs with 360 degree swivel heat transfer sublimation printer with great convenience.

The sublimation Pen Press comes with a sound signal once the sublimation process is completed. The digital control panel for this sublimation press machine is easy to operate, stable and user friendly. Sublimation Pen Press offers printable 4x1cm for pens size for pens and the maximum transfer time for sublimation is 25seconds. 

Sublimation Pens Blanks Basic Printing

The process to sublimation pens blanks is simple with few basic printing steps:

  • Take your picture on the computer, optimize the picture and prepare it for printing
  • put your regular paper
  • cut it out and put it in your pen
  • fix it with tape or if you want to place glue
  • put the protective plastic on the pens and ready

Basically, there are two limitations when we learn to Sublimate pens, but they can be partially solved:

The surfaces must be white. It does not mean the black object cannot be achieved, because the background of the printed image can be black and therefore we “make” the object dark.

Sublimation pens blanks
Sublimation pens Blanks

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Tips for Sublimation Ink Pens

  • Don’t overtape pens when sublimating for you may find it hard to remove it after sublimation
  • Unscrue the pen before you sublimate it
  • Print the design as per the size of the pen

How to use sublimation pens?

Sublimation pens in various colors are ideal for writing, sketching and great color drawings that you can sublimate onto, for example, mugs, ceramic cups, stainless steel bottles, t-shirts and pillows.

  •  Sublimation pens are great for artists who want to draw sublimation design on to the paper
  • Sublimation pens are suitable for both regular copy paper and special sublimation paper. 

If you want to learn more about how to sublimate pens watch this video.

Sublimation Pens Precautions

People who know how to sublimate pens recommend keeping containers tightly closed in a cool, well-ventilated place. Containers that have already been opened should be stored upright to prevent spillage and at a temperature between 15ºC and 20ºC. In the event of an accidental spill, immediately remove contaminated clothing; and if accidental inhalation occurs, remove the affected person to a place with fresh air.

FAQS For Sublimation Pens

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